Yof i Cosmetics


© December, 2019

Confidence starts with inclusion.

I. Client

Everyone wants their foundation to match their skin, yet for some skin tones, this isn't always an option with high-end beauty brands. Ilana noticed the lack of inclusivity in makeup, and wanted to take her interest and talent in the beauty world to a new level. Her brand focuses on confidence in inclusivity, aiming to create wide ranges of shades with a variety of undertones to provide for every makeup-wearer. Her brand attracts Sephora level buyers that expect to pay a mid to high price point for silky, beautiful makeup that becomes apart of their daily lives.



yo-f i

I also had the honor of assisting in the naming of the brand. Ilana is a Jewish woman, who infrequently sees her culture in the beauty world. It only seemed fitting to use a Hebrew word as the face of the company, so that consumers can begin to understand the mission of the company at first glance. The word Yofi is easy to remember and pronounce while still standing out from the many English-word beauty brands in the US.

II. Process Cont.





II. Process


I helped Ilana recognize the accessibility needed within the branding to propel the brand forward. We decided the branding was to be simple and timeless, so that the models would shine in their campaigns. Then, we created a brand to capture the inclusive spirit and showcase what the brand is truly about: The beautiful colors and shades in the glamorous glass bottles.

Elegant type with modern flair in the ligature 

Splashes of foundations that show the brand's wide color range

Yofi box.png