As a woman who loves to travel, I often find that safety is a recurring issue. I’ve been put in situations that no one should have to be in while vacationing. Bringing a friend can help with this, however there may not always be a pal who is ready to drop their life and catch a plane to India for a month. With this in mind, I created Peri, where women can band together to travel with peace of mind. With Peri, users can meet other like-minded women on a dating like platform that matches people with their travel-focussed commonalities in mind. 

Traveling can be a daunting task, and with booking apps, one person can often be left with the burden of planning every detail. I wanted to create an app that could keep all the trip details in one place, without having to use several apps, and without having to put that burden on just one person. 

One of the problems I encountered in creating Peri was creating natural user flows, as this app holds a lot of information and sharing between many users. I tackled this issue with the “My Plans” section, where all of one trip’s events and happenings could be found in one place, and shared with the group members, while still keeping some personal information private in separate tabs.

The aesthetic for Peri was meant to be simple and calming. Planning trips to other countries can be overwhelming, so with large, inspiring imagery, one clean typeface, and different shades of a single calming ocean color, I created a relaxing and easy to use application that is both straight-forward and enjoyable to use.